Università di Bologna

The team of Università di Bologna (UNIBO) is part of the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM) and is made up of Prof. Maria Chiara Bignozzi (head of the UNIBO unit), Ing. Stefania Manzi and Ing. Giulia Masi, who carry out research and teaching activities in the disciplinary scientific field of Materials Science and Technology (ING-IND/22), and Prof. Alessandra Bonoli, who carries out research and teaching activities in the disciplinary scientific field of Raw Materials Engineering (ING-IND/29).

The Materials Science and Technology group is an expert in the development and characterization of sustainable materials, which combine high durability with the use of recycled and renewable materials. In addition to the development of eco-cements and concrete with recycling aggregates, the research group is internationally recognized for the development and characterization of alkaline-activated materials (geopolymers) produced from natural raw materials and/or waste fractions. In the field of durability, there is also a strong specialization in the study of corrosion mechanisms and protection strategies of metal alloys in the industrial and cultural heritage sectors. The group is active in research with Industry (commissioned research) and in research financed with competitive funds. In the latter area, some of the most recent research projects that UNIBO participated as coordinator or partner unit are: MATER_SOS project (2016-2018) “Sustainable materials for retrofitting and designing new buildings” (POR-FERR 2014-2020 RER funds); IPERCER project (2016-2018) “Process innovation for sustainable tile production” (POR-FERR 2014-2020 RER funds); B-IMPACT project (2015-2017) “Bronze-IMproved non-hazardous PAtina CoaTings” (European founds M-ERA.net 2013).

Prof.ssa Bonoli is an expert on issues concerning the treatment, valorisation and recycling of raw materials and solid waste, according to the principles of the Circular Economy and Urban Mining. In addition, she deals with environmental sustainability and the study of the Sustainability Objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, as well as the development of technologies for climate adaptation and resilience in urban areas, with particular focus on cooperation with Developing and Emerging Countries. Finally, Prof. Bonoli is an expert in the application of Eco-design to products and processes, in Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and in the assessment of the ecological, water and carbon footprint. She coordinates the EU H2020 project – Climate KIC European Institute for Innovation and Technology, entitled “Circular Economy Indicators for plastic value chain in manufacturing“. Prof. Bonoli was responsible for the project “Management and recycling of debris coming from Emilia Romagna earthquake” in collaboration with Regione Emilia-Romagna (2013-2015), and for the project “Application of a LCA model to solid waste separation for an economic and environmental assessment of the recycling technologies” in collaboration with TU Delft (Netherlands).