ITC-CNR expertise is mainly in the field of new construction technologies, with the aim of improving the quality of life and safety of users of the construction works. In line with the statutory objectives, the Institute offers its scientific, methodological and instrumental competences to the Public Administration and gives technical-scientific support at the national and European level, in the activities related to the preparation of technical rules, standards and systems of qualification, with particular attention to innovative products and systems.

ITC-CNR has its institutional headquarters in San Giuliano Milanese and secondary offices in Bari, L’Aquila, Padua and Naples.

In particular, the institutional headquarters in San Giuliano Milanese pursues the improvement of the built environment through the search for new methods of assessment and verification in order to support the development of construction technologies, sustainable construction, the evaluation of performance and quality of product, components and building systems.

In particular, among its competences, particular importance has the certification of construction products according to Regulation UE 305/11 (CPR, Construction Product Regulation).

In this context, ITC-CNR is a Notified Body and, therefore, previously recognized as competent and authorized by the National Authorities to carry out third party tasks in the process of assessment and verification the constancy of performance of construction products.

ITC-CNR is also designated by the Italian State as a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) in order to issue the European Technical Assessment (ETA) aimed at the CE marking of construction products in various product areas(CPR, Annex IV). In this context, the fundamental role is the coordination of the procedures for drafting European Assessment Documents (EAD), harmonized technical specifications containing the methods for the assessment of a product, developed together with the European Organization of TABs (EOTA) and the European Commission. In particular, among the different product areas,  ITC is designed in the area 15 “Cement, building limes and other hydraulic binders”, and 26 “Products related to concrete, mortar and grout”.