Cooperativa Trasporti Imola scrl Soc. Coop. was born in 1930 and operates in Emilia-Romagna, mostly in the Imola area, Città Metropolitana di Bologna and Provinces of Ravenna, Florence and Ferrara. The experience gained and the continuous commitment in the fields of control, research and development of materials guarantee customers the constant quality of products and an efficient, competent and punctual service, thanks to the capillarity presence in the area.

The company’s core business is the complete cycle of processing of aggregates extracted from its quarries, whose products are used to make concrete, bituminous conglomerates and cemented mixes, as well as construction aggregates, stabilized, gravel, sand, thanks to the fully automated plants of the three production units located in the municipalities of Imola (Linaro Via Sbago and Zello Via Zello) and Castel San Pietro Terme Via Viara. Complementary to the production of aggregates there is a logistic service for the delivery of materials to our customers. The fleet consists of about 20 trucks for the delivery of aggregates, bituminous and mixed concrete mixes and 7 truck mixers supported by 3 pumps for the delivery of ready-mixed concrete.

CTI has three production units, also authorized to recycle/recover R5 materials from construction/demolition. Fully automated production plants and qualified personnel represent a sure guarantee for customers, and the large production capacity allows to give continuity of supply at customers’ sites. CTI produces bituminous conglomerates in the various types. The mixtures produced meet the quality standards required by the UNI EN 13108 series of standards, the requirements of the A.N.A.S. specifications and can satisfy the customer’s wider needs: CTI supplies from traditional mixes to special, draining and sound-absorbing mixes, s.m.a., which require the use of modified bitumen and basaltic aggregates. The qualified technicians of the CTI Technological Laboratory can also carry out pre-qualification studies, in order to certify the correspondence of the product to the technical prescriptions of the contract specifications.

In the last fifteen years, parallel to the core business, a development in the sector linked to the realization of infrastructural works and road works, for example urbanization, industrial buildings, residential buildings, etc., has been implemented. CTI is in possession of SOA OG3 classification IV.